How-To Make Your Life Easy As a Landlord or Renter: Advice From East Bay luxury real estate agents

Whether you are a small business owner or an engineer, the home sharing community is ever growing with people from your domain. Renting your beloved property is a good way to make some extra money through real estate, but it also imposes some financial and legal issues that no house owner can ignore while renting the house. It involves liability protection and managing risk etc; let us explore some deeper aspects of renting a house for money.

Insurance Policy

In the United States, a recent survey revealed that nearly two third of the homeowners are never sure about their house insurance policy to rent the property. If someone does not go right on your property, then most of the homeowners do not have any idea who is liable or responsible for the property damage. In this case, the East Bay luxury real estate agents are helping owners to have a sigh of relief in case of serious issues.

Damage and Losses

Another thing that results in significant damage to your home is that when the number of people who claim to rent the house keep an exceeding number of guests opposed to the size of a home. There can be children who make a mess of a dining room or swing from a chandelier, therefore Abio Property consultants always advise their clients to prepare for the worst before renting the house. Abio property professionals also help to communicate with the insurance company in case of any damages to cover losses.


Some families who aim to live in a rented house have a misconception that the owner is liable for solving their numerous issues in the surrounding like bad neighbors or sewage problems. Expecting that the landlord or owner will pay for the sewage problems can only prolong the problem; it is the responsibility of the renter to take care of their problems before their family starts to suffer. Do not wait if your bathroom sink comes off the wall and the owner doesn’t even believe it happened in his house. A lot of things can be broken like window glasses, door knobs and lights that become the responsibility of the renter. Abio property professionals always provide their client safety tips before they sign the contract.

Other Issues for becoming a landlord

Just like becoming a renter is not always easy; becoming a landlord can also become a headache because you need a startup capital to pay for the cost of purchasing the property. There is no guarantee that this investment will become fruitful in the long run; you may have to spend extra money on remodeling the property. Making repairs, collecting rent from the renters, managing property safety and paying taxes are a few of those headaches every landlord has to deal with in addition to dealing with the bad customers or renters. Therefore it is advised to take professional guidance from East Bay luxury real estate Abio professionals to make your life easy as a landlord.


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