Why people prefer responsive design over a mobile app?

Today’s environment is evolving mobile environment. The increasing inclination toward the mobile apps has evolved the way business is being done. The growing trend of browsing through mobile devices is fascinating for users. They find it easy anytime anywhere to open the website on smart devices instead of laptops or desktop PCs, which are hard to carry around. Touch screen gadget over 2G/3G/4G connections easily opens websites no matter what their screen size is. Now you can reach a website with the help of a mobile app easily or a built-in browser all new smart phones include the data usage by smart phones is likely to increase till 2020.

What is Responsive Design?

Navigating through mobile is not easy, especially when you have to click links and scroll through web pages. This required web designers to rethink their development strategies from. Website design company New York professionals. New mobile applications are being developed every day which has their pros and cons.

The responsive website design is recently another great technique gaining popularity over the few years. Even giant names like Google and Microsoft cannot afford to have a non-responsive website, or they will lose substantial visitors traffic. Here is some useful advice from professionals of Automatic Website Services.

Difference between Responsive Web Design and Mobile apps

These terms relate to each other. Websites are seen on many devices like gadgets, tablets, smart phones, and laptops. A responsively designed website can adapt itself to any screen size or device. The developers can code the website in a responsive way to benefit the consumers who face trouble viewing the products on a mobile device properly. Now the mobile friendly website design has the power to adjust its size automatically on any screen size. This means an improved visibility for the customers on an e-commerce website for buying products.

 What is Mobile App?

A mobile or native app is software that is developed specifically for the mobile devices. Each app is developed separately for each operating system like Windows Mobile, iPhone or Android. The apps are downloadable free from the internet like Google Play Store or Apple Store. You can use other mobile features like camera and photos with apps that multiply the fun for users. For a better view the Website design company New York like Automatic Website Services provides clients responsive designs.

The Pros

Let us first see what the pros of mobile apps are.

  1. Great User experience

Users find apps exciting and enjoy their experience.

  1. Speed and Accessibility

Users can use apps without the internet offline; the load time for the app is also less.

  1. Visibility

The app remains visible in the mobile as soon as the user installs it with its icon and menu.

  • Why Prefer Responsive Website over Mobile App

Now that we are aware of the Pros of mobile apps let us see why responsive design is preferable over native apps?

  1. Accessible on All Devices

The responsive website is easy to administer on all devices like PC, Smartphone or tablet. Whereas it is not possible to open the app on all devices.

  1. A single URL

It opens quickly over slow connections, and users experience fewer redirects. Some users are not happy with the updated apps, and they uninstall it anytime.

  1. Easy SEO

If you have specific content developed for your desktop website, then the mobile device does not need a specific content for SEO purposes. Whereas the marketing strategy for mobile apps must be developed separately, that is costly.

  1. Easy marketing and Low Cost

The marketing cost reduces due to no need for promotion of website on mobile. Two separate websites are expensive than one responsive design. The app development is a costly procedure, marketing your app involves effort and money over social media and another medium.

Now we hope you are very much convinced why responsive design is much preferable over the mobile apps. Always refer to the Automatic Website Services blog for more information about responsive design and development.


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