MLS East Bay lets you find your dream home conveniently

Abio properties deal in the houses for sale in the area of Berkeley, Oakland and other areas of the East Bay. The real estate market here is quiet fascinating and we are contended with providing services in this area. Our goal is to represent you with the best real estate available that suits your needs as well as other services in order for you to find what you are looking for. Our job is to make things comprehensible for you as the documents and other peculiarities are found to be very complex and difficult to grasp by a general citizen. We look forward to gaining your confidence through the services we offer, striving hard to deliver them in the most professional manner.

MLS Services by our Company

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a virtual contract and a binding through which the Broker Participants that are authorized by the MLS to establish a legal coordination with other authorized participants. This is conducted by forming the essential and autonomous contractual  way, the information about the real estate is accumulated and dispersed for the disposal of all the authorized participants and work themselves for the appraisals and other benefits that may incur through the valuation of property. The authorized Broker Participants are provided a database of all the listings in the East Bay area which they can research upon and present to their clients. This system of cooperation and dissemination better serves the purpose for both the realtors and the clients.

Authorized Realtors at Abio Properties

The realtors at Abio Properties all share the Authorized Access for participating in the MLS East Bay. To participate in this is not possible with the mere possession of the broker’s license but requires for an individual firm and its realtors to actively perform in accumulating the data and submit it to the database for the dissemination purposes for all to benefit. Having a thorough knowledge of the neighborhoods of the East Bay and a complete grasp of the principles and code of ethics of the realtor in addition to the implementation of the latter displayed in their services all play a vital role in earning the authorization and participation in the MLS East Bay. This comprises of continuous sharing and submission of valid information and data on a regular basis throughout their tenure as a realtor or the real estate venture. This does preclude the real estate companies to occasionally or seasonally participate in the business as is the case with many organizations for the sole purpose of varying yet trending market conditions that get worse and better periodically in the East Bay. In fact, it encourages the participants or potential participants to achieve a minimum number of transactions with good faith and efforts in order to fulfill the intended requirements of the MLS. These requirements also include the participants who albeit satisfying the State Law put forward as an incumbent level of service cannot meet the MLS requirements.


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