East Bay real estate has become a game of Cat and Mouse

Abio properties have been operating in the East Bay area since quite some time now and have successfully conducted many deals for both buyers and sellers of the East Bay real estate. Our methodologies and techniques are the most innovative and popular for the sole purpose of the thorough research we do about the ongoing market.

Latest excerpts from the East Bay real estate

Our research has brought about the conclusion that in the East Bay market, a game of cat and mouse is coming into at between the buyers and the sellers. The buyers are gaining an upper hand with the sellers who challenge the former to negotiate enacting the wait and see attitude. This behavior was very unlikely considering the recent past period of 2015.

Another proposal proposed by the Barlett, Maio and Droste suggested some supportive housing schemes for the veterans and the homeless causing the market to stir up a bit more. The basic ideas that the proposal suggested were that for the micro unit buildings, parcels owned by the city should be identified. They proposed to amend the processes that involved approvals of vital documents to ease up in order to promote the houses that are rated below the average market. They included that the most of theunits should be provided at lowest costs than those going around in the market. A supreme quality health care center was also proposed by the document in partnership with the federal departments. It said that the potential obstacles should be identified in a timely manner for the development of pre-fabricated micro units. Another vital point that was presented was the initiation of the competitive bidding process for building up to 100 housing units.

Timothy Ambrose, a treasurer of the East Bay Association of Realtors said regarding this the matter that, “Outside hotly contested areas, we’re seeing price adjustments of a kind we haven’t seen in some time.” This made many to wonder whether a price break was at the next corner for East Bay after many years of steady appraisals. Sales of the single-family homes in the recent months have jumped by such statements in the media.

However, being a home of technologists and students, the regional market, although being a complicated one is expected to go back to its original process once the season has passed and the students go back to their schools making the families abstain from searching East Bay homes.

According to some of the latest statistics erupted from the information service of a real estate, only the nine counties out of the entire East Bay real estate hiked and only by 0.3 percent. Observing these statistics a bit further revealed that the different counties followed a seesaw pattern since in the Contra Costa Country, sales were hiked by 2.9 percent compared to the previous year whereas in the Santa Clara County, they are as high as 6.8 percent.

These factors illustrate a very juggling market in the East Bay for the while but nothing new as more or less, the same kinds of events and trends are followed every year.


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