Why Smart Web development companies in New York Recommend Firefox?

The problem of choosing the right browser for brewing the internet is a daunting task with so many browser options available these days freely accessible on the web. There has been a lot of buzz about the best browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Each browser comes with its bunch of features; but what makes Firefox the choice of millions of people around the world who prefer Firefox over hundreds of browser options available on the internet? Let us explore further into that mystery.

Web development is a complex task, and Web development companies in New York like Automatic Website Services have to create a stunning impression on their clients. The browser that provides total control over the website contents and makes browsing fun is hard to choose.

The Web Page Source Code Viewing

The browser compatibility is a hot issue for the Web development companies in New York and web developers around the globe. They have to design the robust websites which not only meet the client’s specific requirements but also able to view the web page source code is very important during the development phase. This is especially true when you are building dynamic websites with say PHP, ASP, JSP, etc .Firefox is a great browser that makes viewing source code easier for the developers.

Moreover, as compared to Internet Explorers and other free browsers, even if the cache of Firefox becomes full, it continues to display the source code unlike IE and other browsers who stop displaying it.

What Web development companies in New York about Firefox?

These days, the custom web development is integrated with the specialized search engine optimization and e-commerce to provide online power to the customers who own the websites. Firefox is recommended by best web development companies in New York because it helps to integrate these robust features into the website and displays them nicely on the computer screen for the users. The Automatic Website Services recommend Firefox to users because it is best for websites developed in the PHP and Bootstrap. It helps to display all items in an e-commerce site and let the customers purchase with no hassle.

Super Functionality

The developers of Automatic Website Services always prefer Firefox to their clients because it provides multiple ways to view the page source code and provides the super unmatched functionality. It highlights all the occurrences of search term at the same time and allows a quick scan of a page. The FIND options come with a matching case which appears on the toolbar; Firefox is more convenient than IE and Chrome in functionality.

Goto Line and Other Features

Web Developers at the top companies like Automatic Website Services have to track down a Javascript Error on the web page. Often the error page tells developers the line number of the error which is very difficult to find without a GOTO option. Firefox provides stylish ways to view the pages Under ‘View’ and ‘Tools’ options. Users can get a whole list of form, links and their properties. The developers have created several Firefox plugins which are freely available on the internet to download.

With Firefox on your machine, it is possible to enjoy a great browsing experience through the world’s richest browser’s great functionality.


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