way for your website to be on top in search engines’ ranks

The sector of website agencies in New York always needs a SEO expert who can provide them high-quality SEO services NYC. The SEO expert and his services for any website are as important as the other tasks of content writing and web development.


The most common problem is lack of knowledge about the importance of SEO services. Because of less or zero knowledge about its significance, the web agencies fail to hire any SEO expert and let their writers become the one.

A writer can only be a SEO expert if he has a particular knowledge about it. Without any information, any writer can fail to be a SEO expert and it will result the website to get lowest in ranks in search engines.

The automatic website services can help all the writers and website owners to know how can SEO play a great role in making their website a success, higher in ranks and a viral one.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically a process or method that can help your website to get on top of ranks in search engines like Google and Yahoo etc.

Its important for your website to be on top position and the particular article your site publishes must appear first in search engines after googling by the surfer.

The SEO contains different steps to be done; including, making a focus keyword, URL, SEO title and meta description etc. All these steps are equally important to be practiced carefully and technically.

Writing an article is not a tough task though but completing the SEO requirements properly is primarily important and much tougher because it asks for technical mind to perform such tasks. Your website must be working efficiently both literary and technically.

Focus keyword

The focus keyword is most important step of website optimization. A focus keyword is something which should appear in every single thing including; content, title, SEO title, URL and meta description etc.

The selection of keyword is something which should be done before writing a content. Selection of keyword is a very challenging task and it could be one to two or even three words. The keyword to be selected should be a common word that is known and searched by mostly people.

The automatic website services suggest all the writers who aimed to become the SEO experts as well for providing the best SEO services NYC, to know the importance of keyword in making the website higher in ranks.

The trick to take your article and website to the top is to select the bestest possible keyword for your content and then apply it accordingly.

If you have known the technique of selecting a strong focus keyword then you are not far from delivering the best SEO services NYC that will ultimately take your website to touch the peak in the race in search engines’ ranks.

The another important step is to make a shortest possible URL and title that must contain your focus keyword.

The importance of keyword can be explained by this example that; if you are writing an article on any news related to a Prime Minister, then the most possible and bestest keyword could be either the Prime Minister or the name of a PM.

The name of the Prime Minister is a word that is usually and mostly searched by many people rather than any other word from the news related to PM.

Consequently, the more the people will search the name of PM, the more your article will appear in search engines’ results.

Also one thing should be kept in mind that stop words like; of, on, is, etc. should not be used in the focus keyword.

The better the focus keyword, the better the quality of SEO services NYC and the better the quality of SEO services NYC, the higher the website in search engines’ ranks.


The automatic website services provides the easy trick to master the task of the SEO services NYC by stating the importance and applications of the search engine optimization which can help many websites to hire a good SEO expert rather than making a writer as the SEO expert.


How-To Make Your Life Easy As a Landlord or Renter: Advice From East Bay luxury real estate agents

Whether you are a small business owner or an engineer, the home sharing community is ever growing with people from your domain. Renting your beloved property is a good way to make some extra money through real estate, but it also imposes some financial and legal issues that no house owner can ignore while renting the house. It involves liability protection and managing risk etc; let us explore some deeper aspects of renting a house for money.

Insurance Policy

In the United States, a recent survey revealed that nearly two third of the homeowners are never sure about their house insurance policy to rent the property. If someone does not go right on your property, then most of the homeowners do not have any idea who is liable or responsible for the property damage. In this case, the East Bay luxury real estate agents are helping owners to have a sigh of relief in case of serious issues.

Damage and Losses

Another thing that results in significant damage to your home is that when the number of people who claim to rent the house keep an exceeding number of guests opposed to the size of a home. There can be children who make a mess of a dining room or swing from a chandelier, therefore Abio Property consultants always advise their clients to prepare for the worst before renting the house. Abio property professionals also help to communicate with the insurance company in case of any damages to cover losses.


Some families who aim to live in a rented house have a misconception that the owner is liable for solving their numerous issues in the surrounding like bad neighbors or sewage problems. Expecting that the landlord or owner will pay for the sewage problems can only prolong the problem; it is the responsibility of the renter to take care of their problems before their family starts to suffer. Do not wait if your bathroom sink comes off the wall and the owner doesn’t even believe it happened in his house. A lot of things can be broken like window glasses, door knobs and lights that become the responsibility of the renter. Abio property professionals always provide their client safety tips before they sign the contract.

Other Issues for becoming a landlord

Just like becoming a renter is not always easy; becoming a landlord can also become a headache because you need a startup capital to pay for the cost of purchasing the property. There is no guarantee that this investment will become fruitful in the long run; you may have to spend extra money on remodeling the property. Making repairs, collecting rent from the renters, managing property safety and paying taxes are a few of those headaches every landlord has to deal with in addition to dealing with the bad customers or renters. Therefore it is advised to take professional guidance from East Bay luxury real estate Abio professionals to make your life easy as a landlord.

Reasons Why You Still Need a Real Estate Agent

In the modern age of technology, everything has evolved for good; some people might think that real estate agents are a part of a bygone era. While home sellers and buyers can save themselves significant commission rates without involving real estate agents, doing things solo might end up being more expensive and may not get them the ideal customers in the real world.

Therefore the daunting task of selling and buying a new or old home is better left to real estate professional agents because the can save you from the emotional and financial disasters. Let us explore the reasons why you still need Oakland real estate agents to boost your home search.

  • Better Access and More Convenience

The job of a real estate agent or professional in your area is to act as an intermediate party to help the liaison between buyers and sellers. This means that he or she will have easy access to all other properties listed by other agents in a specific area or vicinity. Both sellers and buyers benefit from the services of real estate agents because they know what is to be done to make the deal successful. The real estate agents of Abio Properties, for example, can track down al the homes in Oakland that meet your criteria. If you don’t respond quickly to the buyers, you may lose the potential buyers who are a disadvantage of not hiring a real estate agent.

  • They Make Negotiation Less Tricky

Many people don’t like the idea of doing a real estate deal through an agent and try to prefer the direct negotiation between the buyers and seller. Sometimes it does not go in their best interest as the real estate agents help both parties to make the negotiations more transparent and less tricky. The Oakland real estate agents. The relationship building isn’t always easy between the buyers and sellers; therefore if you are working with an agent of Abio Properties in Oakland, they can help you express your contempt for the current owner’s decorating skills without insulting the owner.

Moreover, the real estate agent can convey your concerns to the sellers’ agent by acting as a messenger. Agents of Abio Properties are in a better position to discuss the discount as well.

  • Makes the Contract Easy to Handle

The property contracts maybe hard to handle and some people want to back out of the deal due to the complications of contracts. For example, if you plan to buy a house with the mortgage and the mortgage is not approved, then you may lose your money, and the seller can even sue you for that.

  • Not everyone can save Money

Many homeowners think it is a good idea to exclude the real estate agents to save money on commissions, but this can turn into a nightmare if the seller is already selling the house on a price that includes the real estate agent’s commission. The bottom line is, it is not as simple to save money on commissions as many homeowners think. They can pay a professional who can provide many benefits to both parties.

Why people prefer responsive design over a mobile app?

Today’s environment is evolving mobile environment. The increasing inclination toward the mobile apps has evolved the way business is being done. The growing trend of browsing through mobile devices is fascinating for users. They find it easy anytime anywhere to open the website on smart devices instead of laptops or desktop PCs, which are hard to carry around. Touch screen gadget over 2G/3G/4G connections easily opens websites no matter what their screen size is. Now you can reach a website with the help of a mobile app easily or a built-in browser all new smart phones include the data usage by smart phones is likely to increase till 2020.

What is Responsive Design?

Navigating through mobile is not easy, especially when you have to click links and scroll through web pages. This required web designers to rethink their development strategies from. Website design company New York professionals. New mobile applications are being developed every day which has their pros and cons.

The responsive website design is recently another great technique gaining popularity over the few years. Even giant names like Google and Microsoft cannot afford to have a non-responsive website, or they will lose substantial visitors traffic. Here is some useful advice from professionals of Automatic Website Services.

Difference between Responsive Web Design and Mobile apps

These terms relate to each other. Websites are seen on many devices like gadgets, tablets, smart phones, and laptops. A responsively designed website can adapt itself to any screen size or device. The developers can code the website in a responsive way to benefit the consumers who face trouble viewing the products on a mobile device properly. Now the mobile friendly website design has the power to adjust its size automatically on any screen size. This means an improved visibility for the customers on an e-commerce website for buying products.

 What is Mobile App?

A mobile or native app is software that is developed specifically for the mobile devices. Each app is developed separately for each operating system like Windows Mobile, iPhone or Android. The apps are downloadable free from the internet like Google Play Store or Apple Store. You can use other mobile features like camera and photos with apps that multiply the fun for users. For a better view the Website design company New York like Automatic Website Services provides clients responsive designs.

The Pros

Let us first see what the pros of mobile apps are.

  1. Great User experience

Users find apps exciting and enjoy their experience.

  1. Speed and Accessibility

Users can use apps without the internet offline; the load time for the app is also less.

  1. Visibility

The app remains visible in the mobile as soon as the user installs it with its icon and menu.

  • Why Prefer Responsive Website over Mobile App

Now that we are aware of the Pros of mobile apps let us see why responsive design is preferable over native apps?

  1. Accessible on All Devices

The responsive website is easy to administer on all devices like PC, Smartphone or tablet. Whereas it is not possible to open the app on all devices.

  1. A single URL

It opens quickly over slow connections, and users experience fewer redirects. Some users are not happy with the updated apps, and they uninstall it anytime.

  1. Easy SEO

If you have specific content developed for your desktop website, then the mobile device does not need a specific content for SEO purposes. Whereas the marketing strategy for mobile apps must be developed separately, that is costly.

  1. Easy marketing and Low Cost

The marketing cost reduces due to no need for promotion of website on mobile. Two separate websites are expensive than one responsive design. The app development is a costly procedure, marketing your app involves effort and money over social media and another medium.

Now we hope you are very much convinced why responsive design is much preferable over the mobile apps. Always refer to the Automatic Website Services blog for more information about responsive design and development.

5 Tips for Getting Results from Websites

Without planning and focus, no profession is fruitful; web designing is no exception. The Web development New York is finest in the world that uses talent, coordination and great team to achieve results. The web developers are paid to meet the customer’s needs and drive results for the business. The creativity of Automatic Website Services professionals shines because before hiring the professionals, the company follows some rules that will help them get the results from their websites. Let us explore deeper how a professional web design company like Automatic Website Services can drive better results for your business?

  1. Making the Fine Print Easy

The vocational web development New York companies do not charge their clients fully upfront. They can ensure their satisfaction by making their fine print easy and only charging them 50% up front at the start of the project. The rest is charged at the project end; if you are charging full upfront, you should be able to accept checks or credit card payments. This way the professional web designers can satisfy their clients first and get paid later.

  1. Use Innovative Company

A professional web design company is one who employees the robust talent to be a part of their force. For example, the professionals at Automatic Website Services are known for using the efficient and innovative technologies for the satisfaction of their clients, therefore it is a wise choice to hire those companies for Web development New York who achieve success for your brand through robust development.

  1. Fully Customized Websites Work Better

The professional website designers always have the ability to design fully customized websites from scratch. They can manage their preferences and budgets within the time limit given by the client; make sure your website is delivered within the deadline by the web design company. A fully customized website will work wonders for your business if site navigation, typography and custom colors are used to give it a perfect look.

  1. Choose a Good Hosting Company

Many website development companies recommend the best hosting for your website and help to set up the hosting with the web hosting companies. It is not recommended to use the in-house hosting options to get the complete command over your hosting account and to pay the fewer fees. You can become the complete owner of your hosting account when you setup accounts with a web host. Choose a scenario that best fits your needs.

  1. Do Not Pay Hidden or Extra Fee

Good web design companies are those who never charge anything extra than the agreed amount of the order and always cares more about delivering perfect work within the deadline. They will provide project estimates timelines upfront to their clients; therefore never pay any hidden fee to the companies who do not finish your site on time and charge you an extra fee after the contract. The professional ethics matter while choosing a web design company; the professional companies are easy to work with who reply to your emails, chats, and queries early.

MLS East Bay lets you find your dream home conveniently

Abio properties deal in the houses for sale in the area of Berkeley, Oakland and other areas of the East Bay. The real estate market here is quiet fascinating and we are contended with providing services in this area. Our goal is to represent you with the best real estate available that suits your needs as well as other services in order for you to find what you are looking for. Our job is to make things comprehensible for you as the documents and other peculiarities are found to be very complex and difficult to grasp by a general citizen. We look forward to gaining your confidence through the services we offer, striving hard to deliver them in the most professional manner.

MLS Services by our Company

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a virtual contract and a binding through which the Broker Participants that are authorized by the MLS to establish a legal coordination with other authorized participants. This is conducted by forming the essential and autonomous contractual  way, the information about the real estate is accumulated and dispersed for the disposal of all the authorized participants and work themselves for the appraisals and other benefits that may incur through the valuation of property. The authorized Broker Participants are provided a database of all the listings in the East Bay area which they can research upon and present to their clients. This system of cooperation and dissemination better serves the purpose for both the realtors and the clients.

Authorized Realtors at Abio Properties

The realtors at Abio Properties all share the Authorized Access for participating in the MLS East Bay. To participate in this is not possible with the mere possession of the broker’s license but requires for an individual firm and its realtors to actively perform in accumulating the data and submit it to the database for the dissemination purposes for all to benefit. Having a thorough knowledge of the neighborhoods of the East Bay and a complete grasp of the principles and code of ethics of the realtor in addition to the implementation of the latter displayed in their services all play a vital role in earning the authorization and participation in the MLS East Bay. This comprises of continuous sharing and submission of valid information and data on a regular basis throughout their tenure as a realtor or the real estate venture. This does preclude the real estate companies to occasionally or seasonally participate in the business as is the case with many organizations for the sole purpose of varying yet trending market conditions that get worse and better periodically in the East Bay. In fact, it encourages the participants or potential participants to achieve a minimum number of transactions with good faith and efforts in order to fulfill the intended requirements of the MLS. These requirements also include the participants who albeit satisfying the State Law put forward as an incumbent level of service cannot meet the MLS requirements.

East Bay real estate has become a game of Cat and Mouse

Abio properties have been operating in the East Bay area since quite some time now and have successfully conducted many deals for both buyers and sellers of the East Bay real estate. Our methodologies and techniques are the most innovative and popular for the sole purpose of the thorough research we do about the ongoing market.

Latest excerpts from the East Bay real estate

Our research has brought about the conclusion that in the East Bay market, a game of cat and mouse is coming into at between the buyers and the sellers. The buyers are gaining an upper hand with the sellers who challenge the former to negotiate enacting the wait and see attitude. This behavior was very unlikely considering the recent past period of 2015.

Another proposal proposed by the Barlett, Maio and Droste suggested some supportive housing schemes for the veterans and the homeless causing the market to stir up a bit more. The basic ideas that the proposal suggested were that for the micro unit buildings, parcels owned by the city should be identified. They proposed to amend the processes that involved approvals of vital documents to ease up in order to promote the houses that are rated below the average market. They included that the most of theunits should be provided at lowest costs than those going around in the market. A supreme quality health care center was also proposed by the document in partnership with the federal departments. It said that the potential obstacles should be identified in a timely manner for the development of pre-fabricated micro units. Another vital point that was presented was the initiation of the competitive bidding process for building up to 100 housing units.

Timothy Ambrose, a treasurer of the East Bay Association of Realtors said regarding this the matter that, “Outside hotly contested areas, we’re seeing price adjustments of a kind we haven’t seen in some time.” This made many to wonder whether a price break was at the next corner for East Bay after many years of steady appraisals. Sales of the single-family homes in the recent months have jumped by such statements in the media.

However, being a home of technologists and students, the regional market, although being a complicated one is expected to go back to its original process once the season has passed and the students go back to their schools making the families abstain from searching East Bay homes.

According to some of the latest statistics erupted from the information service of a real estate, only the nine counties out of the entire East Bay real estate hiked and only by 0.3 percent. Observing these statistics a bit further revealed that the different counties followed a seesaw pattern since in the Contra Costa Country, sales were hiked by 2.9 percent compared to the previous year whereas in the Santa Clara County, they are as high as 6.8 percent.

These factors illustrate a very juggling market in the East Bay for the while but nothing new as more or less, the same kinds of events and trends are followed every year.

Tips for Improved Oakland Home Search

Searching for a dream home in Oakland is a daunting task, especially when you have to arrange a comfortable and affordable residence for your family. Research is a must do activity for successful Oakland home search, contacting the right real estate agents is a crucial step to have total satisfaction. The best location is where you and your family can find all the necessities of life including a funky neighborhood, restaurants, schools, parks, and hospitals. The abundance of outdoor and cultural activities is a plus in your neighborhood.

Professional real estate agents like Abio Real Estate Company can make your home search beneficial; their experts recommend the following tips before you start your actual Oakland home search.

Research before You Look

It is necessary to examine and decide in a family meeting that what features you want in your new home? The type of preferred neighborhood counts for your kids to enjoy a cool neighborhood and to ensure the safety of your assets.

Get Your Finances Ready

Oakland home search will involve spending money on your new home; therefore reviewing your credit report and bank statements is a good idea to make the down payments and closing costs for a new home. The experts real estate agents of an Abio real estate can guide you perfectly in this matter; they will let you know if you qualify for a mortgage and will save you from a financial headache.

Be Realistic

It is not a good idea to be unrealistic with your home pick and expect to find a dream home in your limited available budget. If you have enough money to buy everything you want, then you can buy a perfect home; otherwise, there is no such thing as dream home if you have limited resources.

Don’t Ask Non-Professionals for Advice

Asking too many people for advice will only drive you crazy and overwhelm you. Only select those people who are your best friends and have experience in buying and selling a property. The Abio real estate consultants are the best option for seeking guidance on any topic related to your new home.

Think Long Term

Finding out how tight is the rental market in your area will help you to decide when you should move to your new home. You should keep an eye on the lease period and also not allow yourself to get impatient.

Get the Home Inspected

Insisting on a home inspection before actually making the purchase deal will save you from disappointments later on. If possible, ask the seller to provide you a warranty so that you can cover the minor or major defects in the house for one year.

These above tips will surely help the home seekers and home owners to make wise decisions before completing their new home deals. Hiring a professional and experienced real estate dealer is always beneficial who is representing the buyer to seller and vice versa. The buyers and sellers usually pay commission to the agents who make their home search wonderful and take the stress out of their lives.

Tips for NYC Web Designers to Make Life Easy

Web designing is a challenging profession; it is a broad field in which there are so many ways to handle a similar problem. Many websites set a bad example for the beginner web designers who lose their passion after some time of failure or disappointment. In the United States, the NYC web designers have to meet many challenges to provide the quality to their clients, let us discuss that can be done to make life easy for the web designers. Even the best web designing companies like Automatic Website Services need to stop making the same mistakes over again to add value for their clients.

Modals and Pop Ups

There is much giant pop up modals and windows NYC web designers have seen after the arrival of Bootstrap. Modal windows make some people lazy and desperate, if they have to access an advertisement, they can do it on their own. Therefore it is not a good idea to provide a visitor with a huge wall of text if they do not want to read it. Create Tree house instead to use a simple line of text on the homepage that states the purpose of the site clearly to the visitors.

Not Enough Space Problems for NYC web designers

Every web designer of Automatic Website Services has gone through this problem, in the beginning, they have to fill the pages with interesting information and end up using the space poorly for the people to go away from the site. The website becomes a cluttered mess with no clear purpose or goal, therefore if the walls are closing in on you as an NYC web designer, give space to the text and do not let the text run up against the edges of the pages.

Out of the Box Thinking

Web designers and developers are innovative individuals; more often they are tempted to think out of the box to unleash their creativity. Every web designer at Automatic Website Services is filled up with this desire to try something new that they have never done before. But too much of innovation in the stars becomes a bad thing for the designers. It is a good idea to stick to the basics in the beginning and embrace common techniques to master your skills first.

Complex Navigation

The most difficult aspect of the web design is the complex navigation. In all projects, the Automatic Website Services designers have to build robust menus and hyperlinks by spending a lot of time on them and not paying much focus on other design elements. The navigation can make a huge impact on the usability of a site. Therefore it is recommended for the beginners to make their lives easy by trying out smaller projects with fewer pages. Do not handle sites with a huge number of pages like Facebook and get confused on navigations.

Repeating Mistakes Over Again

The web designers must learn not to repeat their past mistakes over and over again in the future if they want to excel in their career. Knowing what to do and how to do in the web designing career is most important, it is the perfect start of your adventurous life but do not get over excited and try to focus on small mistakes to meet the client’s requirements. Speak out loud to your technical manager if you feel overwhelmed.

Why Smart Web development companies in New York Recommend Firefox?

The problem of choosing the right browser for brewing the internet is a daunting task with so many browser options available these days freely accessible on the web. There has been a lot of buzz about the best browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Each browser comes with its bunch of features; but what makes Firefox the choice of millions of people around the world who prefer Firefox over hundreds of browser options available on the internet? Let us explore further into that mystery.

Web development is a complex task, and Web development companies in New York like Automatic Website Services have to create a stunning impression on their clients. The browser that provides total control over the website contents and makes browsing fun is hard to choose.

The Web Page Source Code Viewing

The browser compatibility is a hot issue for the Web development companies in New York and web developers around the globe. They have to design the robust websites which not only meet the client’s specific requirements but also able to view the web page source code is very important during the development phase. This is especially true when you are building dynamic websites with say PHP, ASP, JSP, etc .Firefox is a great browser that makes viewing source code easier for the developers.

Moreover, as compared to Internet Explorers and other free browsers, even if the cache of Firefox becomes full, it continues to display the source code unlike IE and other browsers who stop displaying it.

What Web development companies in New York about Firefox?

These days, the custom web development is integrated with the specialized search engine optimization and e-commerce to provide online power to the customers who own the websites. Firefox is recommended by best web development companies in New York because it helps to integrate these robust features into the website and displays them nicely on the computer screen for the users. The Automatic Website Services recommend Firefox to users because it is best for websites developed in the PHP and Bootstrap. It helps to display all items in an e-commerce site and let the customers purchase with no hassle.

Super Functionality

The developers of Automatic Website Services always prefer Firefox to their clients because it provides multiple ways to view the page source code and provides the super unmatched functionality. It highlights all the occurrences of search term at the same time and allows a quick scan of a page. The FIND options come with a matching case which appears on the toolbar; Firefox is more convenient than IE and Chrome in functionality.

Goto Line and Other Features

Web Developers at the top companies like Automatic Website Services have to track down a Javascript Error on the web page. Often the error page tells developers the line number of the error which is very difficult to find without a GOTO option. Firefox provides stylish ways to view the pages Under ‘View’ and ‘Tools’ options. Users can get a whole list of form, links and their properties. The developers have created several Firefox plugins which are freely available on the internet to download.

With Firefox on your machine, it is possible to enjoy a great browsing experience through the world’s richest browser’s great functionality.